How We Work


Kathy Best Design develops truly personalized and visually stunning spaces for each client.  With over 20 years of experience in the design industry, we have honed our design process to maintain an ideal balance between efficiency and attention to detail. This saves our clients’ time and money, and delivers the customize and colorful home of their dreams.
We take specific steps during the design process to ensure an enjoyable and effective experience for all involved.  This process varies based on the scope of the project and needs of the client.


I: Initial Design Concept
– Meet with the client to obtain a comprehensive understanding of their style, how they live, and what they need from the new space
– Formulate an overall design concept including color scheme, floorplan, and materials
– Incorporate client feedback into the concept, and communicate the final concept to other necessary professionals involved, such as the architect and contractors
II: Construction
– Produce drawings and specifications to convey the design concept to the architect and contractors
– Assist with selection and planning as needed for items such as tile, flooring and hardware
– Maintain an open line of communication with the architect and contractors throughout construction phase
III: Design Development
– Source products and design custom pieces to express the design concept
– Utilize concept boards and drawings to ensure design continuity and show the client the project vision
– Provide options for all items to the client for approval, and incorporate feedback
– Consider and customize details such as window treatments, artwork and accessories
IV: Purchasing
– Prepare proposals for each item and presented to the client for approval
– Carefully check fabric cuttings, finish samples, and shop drawings for quality and accuracy
– Order all approved items from vendors with detailed purchase orders and order confirmations
– Check and maintain order status and schedules throughout the purchasing process
V: Installation
– Coordinate warehousing and deliveries to accommodate the client’s schedule and construction needs
– Supervise installation of all items, and ensure the client is happy with the new spaces
VI: On-Going
– Maintain relationships with clients and help with any arising issues or future design needs